AIRKinect 1.7.1

Today we are releasing a minor update to AIRKinect but it has a major bug fix. Windows users can now properly use the spacial mapping functiuonality of AIRKinect to map points onto the RGB, Depth, and Masked images. Microsoft has done some great work fixing up depth to RGB translation in the latest official SDK  and we needed to go back intro our code and remove a lot of the correction we were doing for the beta SDK. So this is great news overall.

Download info is here at the forum announcement for AIRKinect 1.7.1 

9 Responses to “AIRKinect 1.7.1”

  1. I’ve try 1.7.1 mask demo today, but still have crash problem.
    I’m running on window 7 with update kinect sdk

    • Maybe you are trying to set depth camera resolution to other than 320×240? This causes crash in my case.
      I think that it does not make sense to set higher depth cam resolution – as far as I know its native hadware resolution is only 320 x 240.

      • I just run their mask demo under window7, the demo in Mac version is work fine. But the demo source has a error message when I compile it.

  2. Hello, I tried to download and everything is working correctly.
    I had to update the sdk kinect, two did not work with beta

  3. Ciao, volevo chiederti se ti eri accorto che il programma viene inizializzato più volte.
    Passa 4 volte dal metodo “private function initKinect()”;

    Il tuo lavoro è fantastico.

  4. Hello, I wanted to ask if you had noticed that the program is initialized multiple times.
    Switch 4 times the method “private function initKinect ()”;

    Your work is fantastic.

  5. I still have the crash issue with the updated sdk and the update ane. i don’t get a crash if i use AIRKinectCameraResolutions.NUI_IMAGE_RESOLUTION_80x60 depth resolution but then the masking does not match the rgb.

    i also get this RGB Image Error :: Error #2030: End of file was encountered. when using AIRKinectCameraResolutions.NUI_IMAGE_RESOLUTION_1280x1024 rgb resolution

  6. Same results here, switching to mask demo’s gives me an instant crash (new ane, swc and demo source).

  7. Thread in the forum is open for the crashing issues.


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