AIRKinect 2.1: OpenNI on windows

It’s been a few busy weeks, as you might have seen in our dev-branch on github. We’ve just finalized the 2.1 release of AIRKinect, with the big new feature being OpenNI support on the windows platform.

We’ve worked on merging the native code base of both windows and osx to one project. This should make it easier for us to line up the features between the windows & osx native code: new features / bugfixes should be deployed faster in the future

These are some of the key points in this release:

  • OpenNI support on windows. You can choose to use the MS SDK or OpenNI for you AIRKinect projects on the windows platform.
  • General bugfixes: fixed some issues with wrong joint mapping & data corruption.
  • Multithreading: We’ve integrated boost threading on the windows platform too now, the kinect device now runs in a seperate thread in windows too.
  • Support for alternative depth camera’s using OpenNI (ex: Asus Xtion Pro) on both windows and mac.
  • Support for settings the camera angle & near mode when you use the MS SDK version.
You can use the new camera elevation feature like this (only on windows, mssdk):
if(device.capabilities.hasCameraElevationSupport) {
 device.cameraElevationAngle.value = 27; //value between -27 & 27
You can ask for near mode in the settings (only on windows, mssdk):
var settings:KinectSettings = new KinectSettings();
if(device.capabilities.hasNearModeSupport) {
 settings.depthEnableNearMode = true;

Using nearmode, you will not have skeleton tracking, only user tracking. This is a limitation of the MS SDK.

There’s one catch: we had to create separate ane files: if you want to use the ms sdk driver on windows, you will use airkinect-2-core-mssdk, in the case of openni you will use airkinect-2-core-openni. On osx

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it doesn’t matter which ane you use, they both have the OSX version compiled.

Same as before:

Happy coding!

52 Responses to “AIRKinect 2.1: OpenNI on windows”

  1. Leonardo Sobral says:

    Anything new related to gestures?

  2. Nice news :) Thanks! Now we can get Joint Rotations with OpenNI on Windows?

  3. Thanks ! I was waiting for joint rotation on Windows. But with the new version airkinect-2-core-openni.ane, Kinect.isSupported() return false. I’ve installed NITE, OpenNI, sensor and Sensor Kinect. Is there any conflict with Kinect Windows SDK ?

    • You probably forgot to set the correct driver. By default, it will try to use the MS driver. You need to go to the device manager, navigate to the kinect device and choose for “update driver”. You should have the option the manually select a driver and select the PrimeSense / OpenNI driver in the wizard.

  4. Guys, you are just amazing!

  5. I was trying to set the device.cameraElevationAngle.value = 25 but there was an error “access of possibly undefined property value through a reference with static type int”. i tried setting the value direct by using device.cameraElevationAngle = 25 and the program does not run either.

    the boolean (device.capabilities.hasCameraElevationSupport) returned true

  6. Ha snobody run into:

    Main Thread (Suspended: ArgumentError: Error #3500: The extension context does not have a method with the name applicationStartup.)
    flash.external::ExtensionContext/_call [no source]
    flash.external::ExtensionContext/call [no source]
    com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect::Kinect$cinit [no source]

  7. hi~Can u develop a extended as “airkinect-1-extended” to support airkinect 2.I can’t use cursor.Be course it’s different types! to me..thx!!

  8. I think u are so great!

  9. Kerem Iseri says:

    are the hand raise and wave gestures going to be added in the future?

  10. François Perreault says:

    Can we use other depthCamera with this great Framework like panasonic d-imager ?

  11. kinect sdk 1.5 issued. Expecting kinect sdk 1.5’s ane is Announced.

  12. Hi!

    Thanks by this extension, is awesome!

  13. sas.ar2011 says:

    Error “The extension context does not have a method with the name applicationStartup.” on dev branch. windows7x64, ms kinect sdk 1.5.
    On master branch everything is ok.

    • I’m on mac, counter this problem too.
      The kinect camera is not delivered yet, I’ll wait the kinect devices for test.Maybe the problem will gone.

    • Hi,

      same with me. latest MS SDK 1.5 and dev-branch –>
      Error “The extension context does not have a method with the name applicationStartup.”

      switching to the master branch –> everything works fine

      But I want to explore the nearFieldMode and therefore I guess I need the dev-branch

      pls help


    • Will take a look at what’s going wrong with the dev branch version later this week. I’ll keep you posted…

    • There was something wrong with the ane’s on the dev branch. This is now fixed, it should work again.

    • dev branch on git: “updated MSSDK to 1.5 – added joint orientation support to MSSDK”, is joint orientation supposed to work with MSSDK 1.5 now ? i can’t get it to work.

      • Works like a charm !! Just exchanged the ANE and all Demos work fine …

        Thank you guys

      • ivan5815 says:

        Me too, I used MSSDK 1.5, overwritten the ane files and the swc with the new one and joint orientation support is still disabled…any clues anyone?

        I’m currently using windows 7 64-bit if that helps…

  14. Hello, I have error with export project to AIR package in Flash Builder 4.6, It shows

    “Native extensions are being used in the project but are not supported by the AIR package type. Runtime issues can occur.”

    How to resolve it?

  15. Any time frame for finger tracking?

  16. Kerem Iseri says:

    Is there any release of extended classes and examples planned for airkinect2? If so when is it going to be published?

    • Right now we are focussing on the core library. You can always have a look at the old extended libraries and see if there’s stuff you need there. It shouldn’t need that much adjustments to get those running with the new AIRKinect.

  17. Hi,
    This is very nice wouter, thanks for your work !

    I’m the developper of BiKinect/MappInect ( and i’m seriously thinking to port the whole development in AS3.

    Your library is what made my take this decision, and i’ve a question about the OpenNI implementation (since i want it to still be openSource AND cross-platform)and multi-camera support : Your demo shows in the capabilities that there is no support for multi-camera : is it because i have only one camera connected (i will test with two soon), or is it because you’re implementation of OpenNI doesn’t support multicamera (the latest simple-openni supports multicam so i guess OpenNI has this capability) ?

    Again, thanks for your work and motivation !

    PS : i’m working on FlashDevelop and if you’re interested, i can provide a template with ane file copied and uncompressed so people can download a “ready-to-code” project.

  18. I’ve been trying to put the examples to work with no success.
    flex simples can’t locate the examples folder( com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect.examples) it simply detects till com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect and inside it I have Kinect, KinectSettings, constants, data, events, frameworks and namespaces noting else.

    this is very weird.. what am I doing wrong?

  19. Hello, your articles here AIRKinect 2.1: OpenNI on windows | as3NUI to write well, thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi,

    may i have some example of using nearmode?



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