AIRKinect 2.3.0

It’s been a while, since our last release, but here

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we are again!

Version 2.3.0 is up on github. You will notice that we moved some code around, so our core repository now has both the native code and the as3 code. This actually makes more sense for us, as we change both native & as3 code when we create a new ane file.

There’s also a build folder, for those of you wanting to build the airkinect ane’s themselves.

Some of the new features are:

  • Skeleton Smoothing
  • Setting the camera angle on OSX / OpenNI

The examples have been updated, so check them out in the

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examples repository. Happy coding!

38 Responses to “AIRKinect 2.3.0”

  1. Cool. I have just research your library. As i understand you haven’t any api for getting audio stream from Kinect. Do you have any plans for add this feature? Thanks

  2. Awesome! Finally you update it… And, I make a project extends AIRKinect2.2 on github, call NuiGesture. How can I make the linsece or other thing ?

    PS:My English is poor.

  3. Buenisimo, felicitaciones nuevamente por seguir avanzando con las funcionalidades de la librería , aunque esta actualización se dejo esperar bastante tiempo, se entiende ya que lo hacen de manera gratuita.

    Espero también tener mas tiempo esta semana del trabajo para probarla, pero desde ya nuevamente felicitaciones a todo el equipo.

  4. This is great! Keep up the good work! This is awesome. One question: are you going to support the Leap Motion device? 😉 Thanks by this framework!!!

  5. So Cool!!! Thanks for everything!!!

  6. Jim Bachalo says:

    Fantastic work. I see a number of improvements. Please, please put gesture support back in! All demos except for 2 compile for me with the open ni .ane on OSX. The ‘User Mask Demo Enter Frame’ consistently crashes shortly after launch and get the following error with the ‘3D Character Demo’ which is confusing to me since I cant find any ‘depthAndStencil’ node in the application descriptor file.

    Error #3709: The depthAndStencil flag in the application descriptor must match the enableDepthAndStencil Boolean passed to configureBackBuffer on the Context3D object.
    at flash.display3D::Context3D/configureBackBuffer()
    at away3d.core.managers::Stage3DProxy/onContext3DUpdate()[/Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/away3d-core-fp11/src/away3d/core/managers/]

  7. Gestures in this release?

  8. Excellent work, keep it up. Please do include other things to support from the xbox SDK. Thanks.

  9. waiting for the next update to support Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7, with predefined gestures too :)

  10. Awesome, glad to see you guys have kept updating!

    It’s crazy how complex it has gotten though, just looking at how many lines the ‘BasicDemo’ is (you’re importing 24 things). You may want to break that part down and make it simpler, because for people who are new to it, it might be overwhelming.

  11. Michael says:

    Hi! Should we wait any update any time soon with the new SDK support?

  12. Hi, is it possible if someone could update a very simple example folder – adobe air file, so I can just see how to get started, I know as3 a little but new to AIR and can’t get a working file going. would be much appreciated. thanks

  13. George Floros says:

    Hi , I really need the grip gesture …
    Are there any plans to incorporate features of the latest 1.7 SDK into the ane ?

  14. Any updated tutorials? I get nothing but errors when I try to get the examples going. I am following all the steps of previous tutorials and also what I think I need to do to add the library, but it just doesn’t work. I get nothing but undefined errors.

  15. That grip gesture sounds like a cool feature!!!
    Keep up the awesome work :)

  16. hi i have a question, may i use kinect and a webcam at the same time?

    • Yes, you can do it
      You simply need to get the camera and add as child

      _cam = Camera.getCamera();
      _cam.setMode(640, 480, stage.frameRate);
      _vid = new Video(640, 480);

      but, why don’t you use Kinect RGB stream instead of a separate webcam? :-/

  17. Does it work with SDK 1.7? because it was fine with SDK 1.6 but I updated to 1.7 and now it doesn´t

    • Our dev branch has some 1.7 functionality: – make sure to check the README as additional steps are required for 1.7.

      • George Floros says:

        I want to try the new grab/release demo but Iget the following error when i try to run the examples from the dev branch :

        ArgumentError: Error #3500: The extension context does not have a method with the name applicationStartup.
        at flash.external::ExtensionContext/_call()
        at flash.external::ExtensionContext/call()
        at com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect.bridge::ExtensionContextBridge/applicationStartup()[/Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect-2-core/as3/src/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/kinect/bridge/]
        at com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect.manager::KinectManager()[/Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect-2-core/as3/src/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/kinect/manager/]
        at com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect.manager::KinectManager$/getInstance()[/Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect-2-core/as3/src/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/kinect/manager/]
        at com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect::Kinect$/get kinectManager()[/Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect-2-core/as3/src/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/kinect/]
        at com.as3nui.nativeExtensions.air.kinect::Kinect$/getDevice()[/Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect-2-core/as3/src/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/kinect/]

  18. Hi it’s me SC again,

    i want to know how can i get the closest user from kinect?
    I need to track the “”? to find the smaller one?


  19. Bigorangemachine says:

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the great AS3Nui framework!

    I am using 10.6.8 MAC (Snow Leopard). I got the issue of the ‘User Mask EnterFrame’ crashing for no reported reason.

    User Mask works!

    To fix the 3D Character model issue you need to add


    inside the

    I’m rendering my flash project as a AIR Desktop Application. It generated an xml file ([YOUR-NAME-app.xml] and I edited the value there.

    I’m an AIR n00b so I apologize for not using the correct terms. :)

    • Bigorangemachine says:

      Sorry didn’t think the code blocks would ignore triangle brackets

      The code snipes are:




  20. It’s a excellent and also handy section of information. I will be satisfied that you simply discussed this convenient details along with us. You need to be us advised this way. Appreciation for giving.

  21. When add some gestures, especially finger bones, fist gesture

  22. waiting for the next update

  23. HuangGuanWen says:

    Hello, I am a Chinese developer, English is not so good, ready to quit SDK1.8 heard that Microsoft, I want to know whether you want to update AS3NUI?

  24. Nikhil Mahirrao says:

    Hey I cant download this lib, its giving error.

  25. HuangGuanWen says:

    Hello, I use the copyFrom method error, see the Api specification is duplicate attribute, but why I will go wrong!

    for each(var user:User in _kinect.users){
    var othrer:User=new User()

    TypeError: Error # 1009: always access a property or method of a null object reference.
    At com. As3nui. NativeExtensions. Air. To access the data: : User/updateJointCount () [/ Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect – 2 – core/as3 / SRC/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/access/data/User. As: 180]
    At com. As3nui. NativeExtensions. Air. To access the data: : User/copyFrom () [/ Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui/airkinect – 2 – core/as3 / SRC/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/access/data/User. As: 161]
    The at UserTest/updateHandler () [I: \ Projects \ fb \ device \ Kinect_framework \ SRC \ UserTest as: 42]
    The at flash. Events: : EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction ()
    The at flash. Events: : EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent ()
    At com. As3nui. NativeExtensions. Air. Device: : device/processUserFrame () [/ Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui airkinect – 2 – core/as3 / SRC/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/device/device. The as: 854]
    At com. As3nui. NativeExtensions. Air. Device: : device/handleUserFrame () [/ Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui airkinect – 2 – core/as3 / SRC/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/device/device. The as: 789]
    At com. As3nui. NativeExtensions. Air. Device: : device/contextStatusHandler () [/ Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui airkinect – 2 – core/as3 / SRC/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/device/device. The as: 670]
    The at flash. Events: : EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction ()
    The at flash. Events: : EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent ()
    At com. As3nui. NativeExtensions. Air. To access the bridge: : ExtensionContextBridge/contextStatusHandler () [/ Users/wouter/Documents/experiments/as3nui airkinect – 2 – core/as3 / SRC/com/as3nui/nativeExtensions/air/device/bridge/ExtensionContextBridge as: 115]

  26. Hi,

    may i have some example for near mode?



  27. hi, is it compatible with latest kinect sdk 1.8? Should we wait any update soon? thanks!

  28. Hi, thanks for all your work!,

    (My english is not the best) I was wondering if one can set the rgb resolution to 1280×720 or so, i readed that one can change kinect´s framerate, putting it at 15hz as frame rate you can also increase the resolution above 640×480, is that posible with as3nui?


  29. Any update for this project?

  30. Does it support Kinect 2 ?

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