AIRKinect Regions Quick Demo

Hello All!

Today I decided to throw together a super quick demo of 3D Regions in our AIRKinect Extended Library. As you saw before UI components are coming into this library also, but thats not all. there are a lot of

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really useful utilities and great helpers. One of those is Regions. A Region is a 3D Rectangle in space and it allows you to check for any body element inside of it. You could even hardcode a

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region to simulate a real environment to determine if someone has touched a box or a button that really exists! Possibilities are endless. In this demo though I am quickyl just throwing together a 4 track sampler. When my hand enters a region the samples starts to loop and upon leaving the region is stops. Very simple but you get the idea. Next in the video I show off a TrackedRegion which allows you to attach a region to any part of the body. The is especially useful, and currently part of, our gesture library. This allows you gesture to only process when a element is inside a region. This not only saves on CPU but also on false positives of gestures. Check it out!

Hope you guys like it


AIRKinect Regions Demo Video

5 Responses to “AIRKinect Regions Quick Demo”

  1. Muy bueno felicitaciones Ross

  2. Anthony Sherritt says:

    Absolutely superb! I’m so excited to start working with this.Thank you for your work. Please let me know if there is any way I can help out.

  3. Andrea Gherardi says:

    Awesome, I like the 3-dimensional point of view

  4. are u planning to share the code so others can learn and expand the project

  5. erik eide says:

    you are talking about gestures on your demos
    and it’s written that you will add gesture management on the extension
    will gestures make part of the next update :) ?

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